Microbes – The Saviours of Koalas.

How microbes are saving Koalas?

Koalas feed essentially on a diet of eucalyptus leaves. However, these cuddly animals have evolved to consume only plants specific to the environment where they are born. If the species of eucalyptus that they enjoy are threatened or disappear, these Koalas face imminent extinction. Fear no more, they can be rescued by gut microbes of their Koala brethren that feast on other species of eucalyptus. These microbes that are excreted in the fecal matter are utilized to populate the gut of the endangered koalas in order to allow them to eat different varieties of eucalyptus. Similar fecal transplant remedies can cure the bamboo-guzzling pandas and a myriad of animals including humans facing digestive complications. A microbe-rich therapeutic poop indeed!!!.


Bon voyage into the microbial world.

Your unseen organ

Did you know that each adult possesses nearly 3kg of microbes? The liver is just 1.4kg while the heart is a mere 300gm. The invisible organ known as the microbiome is responsible for a myriad of tasks including digesting food, boosting the immune system, producing vitamins and generating the characteristic smell each one of us is blessed with. An average human consumes 60 tons of food during his/her lifetime. Without our gut microbes, this number will be even humongous…Say thanks to your invisible partners. These microbes maximize the extraction of nutrients from the food we eat. Even though they cannot be seen or touched, we are constantly reminded of their presence by the unruly noise and the smell emanating from our body. They are an integral part of the human physiology and their recent visualization is compelling a re-assessment of the healthcare system. To learn more on how the knowledge about the invisible organ will improve health, fight disease, solve world hunger, promote space travel , and much more read my book- HUMAN MICROBES- Power within: Health, Healing and Beyond.


Bon voyage into the microbial world