Gut Microbiome and Limitless Blood Supply

Microbes that have made human gut their home are providing solution to the global blood shortage. Blood transfusion is central to curing numerous diseases. However, due to the specific nature of blood groups , donors and recipients have to be matched. The sugars on the surface of the red-blood cells give our blood system different properties and can be essentially grouped as AB, A, B, and O (+/-). An individual with a type O is an universal donor while someone with type AB is an universal recipient. The others have to be properly matched. Recently, an enzyme isolated from the human gut microbiome has been found to successfully clip the sugars from the all blood groups, thus transforming them into type O, the universal donor. This technology will be able to provide blood to any individual in need and the blood banks world-wide will have a limitless supply of this life-saver. The amazing feat of the human gut-microbiome!!!


Blood Type Figure_Dr.Appanna BLOG

The human microbiome may provide a limitless blood supply


Bon Voyage Into the Microbial World

Psychobiotics : Behaviour-modifying microbes


Neurotransmitters are chemicals that interact with the brain and are involved in regulating our daily behaviours. The notion that these were exclusively produced by the visible organs is quickly being dismissed as our invisible organ , the microbiome with its gut-dwelling bacteria is an important contributors to these chemicals and their precursors. These directly signal the brain via the vagus nerve and influence how we behave on a daily basis. For example, microbe  like Bacteriodes flagilis produces GABA, a neurotransmitter known to have a calming effect.  Psychobiotics, the neurotransmitter-producing microbes will soon become important nutrients with the ability to make us happy and can be consumed regularly like yogurt. These are indeed like probiotics with very specific tasks. Armed with this unique property, these microbes can be an important tool in treating mental disease.


(Human Microbes: The Power within- Health , Healing and beyond)



Bon voyage into the microbial world.


Microbial Pharmacy and Weight Loss

Gut microbes can influence the development of such diseases as obesity and diabetes. Bile acids occur naturally in human gut as they play a key in digestion and elimination of toxins. The pool of these bile acids can be affected by enzymes known as bile hydrolases that are produced by the gut microbes. By controlling the ability of these microbes to secrete the enzymes, the amounts of bile acids in the intestine can be regulated. This in turn leads to lower levels of fats and cholesterol in the blood and liver as they  are targeted to generate energy. The net result is a decrease in weight. These microbes and their products can be utilized to treat obesity and other metabolic diseases.



Microbes and their components can help decrease weight.

Bon Voyage in the Microbial World.

The Impact Of The Gutless Worm On Space Travel

Gutless worms as the name suggests do not have a digestive system. They do not possess a mouth and  do not excrete wastes. The mundane tasks of eating and eliminating wastes are delegated to their microbial partners residing within these wiggling creatures. Gutless worms are usually found in hydrothermal vents where food is scarce and temperature can reach up to 4000c. In exchange for a safe place to live, the microbes convert simple minerals and gases into nutrients that fuel the life-style of the worms. Furthermore, any waste generated is recycled into value-added products by the microbes to be utilized by the host. This is a perfect sustainable living system with no garbage disposal problem and where food is produced ‘in house’ with simple ingredients. Just imagine if this technology is harnessed. Space travel and living beyond planet earth will be within sight. And human exploration of other galaxies will be a notch nearer. Read more in my book Human Microbes: The Power Within

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Pet in a bottle

Pets, farm animals and domesticated animals are laden with microbes that can help improve our well-being. In fact, humans who are routinely in contact with these creatures have been shown to have unique physiological characteristics that can extend their life and allow them to fight infections. Although the study of microbiome is in its infancy, it is evident that it has a treasure trove of medical possibilities in store that can have life-changing impact on human beings and society at large.  If microbes from animals residing amongst people are found to invigorate the ageing process or to improve brain power, these findings will be medical game-changers. Microbes with these unique properties or their biochemical constituents can be administered as pills or applied as spray to remedy various shortcomings in humans.  These pet-derived boosters will be a real boon to the health industry and will provide limitless possibilities in all spheres of human life.Elephant pet pill

We can all enjoy a similar relationship once the friendship microbes and their metabolites from pets are identified.


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Pet Power

Humans living amongst pets are known to have a very diverse population of microbes than those who do not come in contact with these domesticated animals. The microbes imparted by the pets have positive attributes that are responsible for improved ability to fight infections and children tend to have less allergic response.  It is not surprising that pet therapy is becoming a common remedy in many institutions including universities where students can relieve their exams worries by petting a pet, an activity conducive to millions of microbial exchange thus cementing the bonding between the participants. This natural way of healing is bound to offer plenty of opportunities to improve human health.


pet therapy 1

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Microbes Rescuing Coral Reef

Corals are complex organisms that need their microbial partners to lead a sedentary lifestyle they are accustomed to on the ocean floor. These microbes provide them nutrients, assist in metabolism and guard them against invasion by lurking invaders in the neighbourhood. Ocean warming, acidity and pollution are known to disrupt the harmonious relationship between the corals and their microbiome. This provides a perfect opportunity for microbial pathogens to attack the corals resulting in the destruction of the colourful reef. Microbial relief is on the way. Treatment with probiotics can re-establish the microbes corals require to thrive and create a wonderful marine vista we depend on. Like humans, corals need their fill of probiotics.

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Microbes – The Saviours of Koalas.

How microbes are saving Koalas?

Koalas feed essentially on a diet of eucalyptus leaves. However, these cuddly animals have evolved to consume only plants specific to the environment where they are born. If the species of eucalyptus that they enjoy are threatened or disappear, these Koalas face imminent extinction. Fear no more, they can be rescued by gut microbes of their Koala brethren that feast on other species of eucalyptus. These microbes that are excreted in the fecal matter are utilized to populate the gut of the endangered koalas in order to allow them to eat different varieties of eucalyptus. Similar fecal transplant remedies can cure the bamboo-guzzling pandas and a myriad of animals including humans facing digestive complications. A microbe-rich therapeutic poop indeed!!!.


Bon voyage into the microbial world.

Your unseen organ

Did you know that each adult possesses nearly 3kg of microbes? The liver is just 1.4kg while the heart is a mere 300gm. The invisible organ known as the microbiome is responsible for a myriad of tasks including digesting food, boosting the immune system, producing vitamins and generating the characteristic smell each one of us is blessed with. An average human consumes 60 tons of food during his/her lifetime. Without our gut microbes, this number will be even humongous…Say thanks to your invisible partners. These microbes maximize the extraction of nutrients from the food we eat. Even though they cannot be seen or touched, we are constantly reminded of their presence by the unruly noise and the smell emanating from our body. They are an integral part of the human physiology and their recent visualization is compelling a re-assessment of the healthcare system. To learn more on how the knowledge about the invisible organ will improve health, fight disease, solve world hunger, promote space travel , and much more read my book- HUMAN MICROBES- Power within: Health, Healing and Beyond.


Bon voyage into the microbial world